Media Blasting & Parts Painting Services In Edmonton, Alberta

Media Blasting Services

World art is more than just a creative factory. Trent Chorney, the business’s owner, has a wide range of experience in construction and the industrial trades. Therefore, providing a utility service helps us by fostering diversity.

Media blasting services work hard to give you the best quality possible and to provide you with excellent customer service. We take incredible measures to guarantee that you are totally content with the work finished. We value your satisfaction highly!

Sand Blasting Media Services in Edmonton Alberta

Professional sandblasting services of metals has been performed for more than a decade without any complaints. Using sandblasting, the highest-quality assortment of discrete products is handled under extreme supervision at the same time. Sand, glass beads to preserve the metal’s quality, soda to remove light rust, steel grit to polish hard metals, and black beauty are all used in sandblasting.

Before painting or coating a surface, it is always necessary to prepare it. At the point when the surface is harsh and has undesirable knocks, the paint or any covering that will be applied will ultimately tumble off and blur in a matter of moments.

Blast Cleaning Services

Surfaces age and accumulate dirt, dust, grease, rust, and oxides that are impossible to remove with standard cleaning methods. As a result, we are pleased to offer our blast cleaning services, which use a wide range of abrasive media to clean metal, stone, and wood without causing damage or corrosion. This method is the most efficient way to restore their original appearance.

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