Media Blasting & Parts Painting Services

Media Blasting Services

Modern World Artworks is not just a creative art factory. We also use our media blast equipment for utility based purposes and parts refurbishment.

Our utility based media blasting service benefits us by establishing diversity in our range of services offered, and benefits you with the following:

  • Degrease / Blast / Paint any parts less than 3.5 feet any side
  • Industrial grade media blasting cabinet ensures a fast turnaround time
  • Parts painting is done in a clean, dust-free properly filtered booth
  • We always use professional grade products specific for the application

Scope of service:

Automotive/ Utility:
  • Engine parts   –  Engine bay  –  Inner Fenders  –  Trim  –  Wheels  –  Suspension Components
  • Bicycle frame & parts  –  Furnace parts  –  Yard equipment
  • Metal grates  –  Light fixture parts  –  Pipe fittings
And yes, artistic things too! :
  • Glass frosting  –  Stenciled logos  –  Stenciled windows (auto or home)
Upon arrival
After blasting
Coating complete