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Humans are the only mammal on earth with the ability to turn complex imaginative energy into physical realities. Our vision and goal is to continuously explore this creative energy, while always keeping things fresh and interesting for our clients

Run anywhere comfort everywhere.

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Our Products And Services

Media Blasting/ Parts Painting Services
Custom Art design services
Product design & development
Products For Sale
Art For Sale
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What's Happening in the Workshop?

Check out this section to see Trent’s schedule for upcoming live workshop events!

Photo & Video Gallery

We are proud of the work we do and want to show it off! Check out the gallery here to see some recent projects, and some highlights of a few past live workshop streaming events too!
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Some Things we Like

Click here to see a few things we like, that inspire us, that stimulate our creative energy, or that we just think is cool to look at and listen to!